What's Your Eleanor? – Jo Schmo edition

My Eleanor is the one that got away.  It’s the one I didn’t even know I wanted until I couldn’t have it.  It’s a 1969 Datsun 510 wagon.  It’s that stupid little white hoonwagon that I now have an unhealthy obsession for. An obsession that spans craigslist ads in 4 states, Ebay and various want-ads.  Turns out 510 wagons are extremely hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods.  I mean you can find them but most are either rolling rust-buckets full of parts or heavily modified drift monsters.  Sure this one needs a fair amount of work.  It has rust here and there, the interior is shot and there are probably an unhealthy amount of miles on the clock, but this little guy is the perfect place to start with a project. The more I thought about this car (and going to egg the guys house for not returning my calls) the more I realised that I had actually spent a significant portion of my youth in a similar 510 and somehow forgotten about it.  Growing up, my best friend’s mother had a faded grey wagon with a monster front bumper and she took us everwhere in it.  What I wouldn’t give to know what she did with it.  And so the search continues, someday I will have my Eleanor.

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