Hooniverse Calendar – The Weather's Gettin' Nice Edition

Cruising around this weekend in the Lotus with the windows down, RPM’s up reminded me that with beautiful weather now prevalent across MOST of the states (sorry northerners!) there’s going to be some fantastic shows this summer across the northern hemisphere. Conveniently for you we’ve compiled a number of them right here on our own little Hooniversal calendar.

Some of the May highlights include:

  • Granny Groses Busses May 13-16 in Beavertown, PA – one of the largest east coast Aircooled VW campouts
  • 24 Hours of LeMons May 22-23 in Kershaw, SC – this truly needs no explanation
  • Gravity Park Rally May 29 in Chilton, WI – SCCA rallycross and coefficient 1 rally events, all indoors!

There’s many more so swing by the calendar and check to see what’s going on in your area the rest of the month.
And don’t forget to drop us an email on the tips line at tips@hooniverse.com if you have a cool show/cruise night/swap meet around your neck of the woods this summer.  We’ll make sure to post it up for all to see.
[image source www.schuss.net]

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  1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Nifty 50ees Cruise-in and car show
    Every saturday from 5pm-10pm
    1979 and older, customs, classics, hot rods, muscle cars, and everything else in between.
    Free to see, $20 to enter a car for the 1st time. Wicked awesome show with a few hundred cars every time.

    1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      Spring Cypress & Champions Forrest rd.

  2. tenbeers Avatar

    Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals, May 21-23, Carlisle PA

  3. Ambersand Avatar

    Thanks all – will post up.

  4. regalregalia Avatar

    St Paul MN at the state fair grounds, June 18-20, the Back to the Fifties Weekend. Its huge show with pretty typical hot rods and street rods and whatever else kind of rod you want, but of the multitude of cool metal that somehow looses its value all crammed in the fairgrounds, about ten percent of the stuff there is batshit crazy, wtf hooniverse-type stuff. The show goes from the dawn of the car to 1964 (but no mustangs).
    Also the contact us link or whatever its called on the calendar page didn't work for me, maybe that was just me though.

  5. Mike Avatar

    Don't forget the Larz Anderson lawn events

  6. lilwillie Avatar

    I've been wanting to make it to Gravity Park in Wisconsin. Rally isn't a popular series in the southern half of the state. I'd like to see how the better half live.

  7. muthalovin Avatar

    The weather in Austin is thisclose to past nice. Friday was already hot, and this weekend was nice enough, but I think this week is supposed to be mid-nineties. I am by no means complaining; last year it was already ten degrees hotter.
    Austin American-Statesman Car Expo is this weekend and I am going to sit in a Raptor for the first time. Also, a 5.0 Mustang god willin'.

  8. acarr260 Avatar

    Anyone in Indiana? Free next weekend? http://www.midwestmusclecarchallenge.com – The inaugural event, so let's get some hoons there to help make it a success.
    It's within an hour of Indy (to the West) – and it looks like it could be super cool.

    1. Ambersand Avatar

      Ugh! I'd love to but it's track day at Summit Point. WOOHOOO!

      1. acarr260 Avatar

        That seems like quite a drive, if you were really thinking of hitting up the Midwest Muscle Car Challenge.

    2. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      I'm going to try to make it. Just checked the participant list and Mark Stielow is going to be racing. Should be awesome.

      1. acarr260 Avatar

        The thought of tastefully modified (no chassis cars allowed) muscle cars attempting to tear up a road coarse makes my hair stand up. The sound shall be glorious! I'm not happy about them removing the drag racing portion of the event though…. not happy at all.

  9. st cloud homes for sale Avatar

    I love spending time in minneapolis. There is so much great stuff to do!