What Should Be Our Hooniversal Car Of The Year?

Okay, gratuitous shots of women may help to sway our votes.

Seems like everyone else in the automotive journalism world is bringing out a Car of the Year article or series. We want to play along too, but simply put we don’t want to be lumped into the never-ending streams of very similar COTY awards. We will let the big boys handle the generic stuff.  Over here, we will do things a bit more our style.So we got to thinking. If Hooniverse was going to hand out a COTY award, where would it go to? What would our criteria be? How would we determine a winner?
Then we realized, in true Hooniverse fashion, that it’s far simpler than that. It just has to be relevant to this year. To that end, our glorious staff of writers will be putting forth their nominees in the next few days. It’s their job to convince you, our readers (and the other editors, because we’re going to argue it out) that their nominee deserves the nod.
Think there’s a car we’re forgetting? Is there a flaw in our logic or our rationale? Tell us in the comments. If it’s a particularly glaring omission, do your own damn write-up, and send it off to submissions@hooniverse.com for us to consider.
Just think. 50 years from now, nobody will remember that Car & Driver or Motor Trend ever did these silly awards, and everyone will be waiting for the Hooniverse awards. And you could be a part of it, right from the very beginning.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    No, I am not. I have been somewhere else before, but never commented.

  2. Deartháir Avatar

    Do up a nomination article about it including a couple of your customary stunning photos, email it to me, and I'll post it as an official nomination article!

  3. Delani Avatar

    bom pôster , já escrevi algo sobre isso também em meu site. http://sensuaisegatas.blogspot.com

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