We're Going To Rock Down To Electric MR2, And Then We'll Park It Closer!!

Tesla shmelsa! Who needs to drop six figures for an electric sportscar when there are people who look at the cost of replacing a blown motor in an old MR2 and then just say charge it. Eight grand will put you behind the wheel of this’88 MR2 that has seen its 4A-GE replaced by a DC motor and more lead-acid batteries than a Pep Boys warehouse. Despite that load of lead, which causes the car to appear snooty with its nose in the air, the seller claims it’s only good for trips of 40 miles or less. A lot less should you need to get out of somebody’s way or want to use the freeway. A lot of effort has gone into the car – actually building a working and reliable electric car is more complicated than you might think – but the end result, like many an attempt, leaves much to be desired. The seller even notes that you’ll probably not be able to drive it home unless you live in his neighborhood, never a stellar selling point for any car. Still, if you’re jonesing for an Electric MR2, you can find the ad on the Bay Area Craigslist.

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