We're All Illegal!

So that's where they get them.
The coppers in Perth, Australia don’t take kindly to displays of hoonage. In fact, should they catch you hooning in your hoonmobile, they’ll not only slap you with a fine, they’ll lock up your car. As Patrick Nugawela discovered, they’ll even lock up the car when it belongs to someone else.
I'm so lonely I could die. . .
Nugawela handed over the keys of his Lambo to a garage mechanic for de-wallaby-fication maintenance,  not expecting the grease monkey to do a Ferris Bueller and take off for a quick spin around the local school zones. Badda-bing, badda-bang and the local po-po get all Mad Max on the mechanic for doing 100-mph in a diggery-doo only zone. Citing an anti-hoon law, the car gets carted off to the australian version of the hoosegow for 28 days. Even though it wasn’t to blame. The police say the law is clear, and that Nugawela, a surgeon, should find some other way to get to his job of saving people’s lives. The mechanic faces reckless driving charges, as well as the strong likelihood of never getting seat time in that Gallardo again. Assistant Commissioner Wayne Gregson says his hands are tied as the law is very specific about returning a vehicle that has been impounded for such an infraction: “There is no provision to allow us to return motor vehicles unless the vehicle is a hire car, a stolen car, has not been seized originally in accordance with the act or would cause extraordinary hardship to the owner of the motor vehicle.” Anti-hoon laws are common across Australia, however this one seems poorly implemented as it’s keeping an innocent rich guy from driving his chick-magnet car and cutting unnecessarily into his action. If you’re planning on traveling to the land down under, be forewarned hoons. Sources: [Story-ABC.au, Lead image-Ciao.it]

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