Weekend V.I.S.I.T. – A Power Suit Porsche 959


 The 959 has long been a loony-hoony favorite of mine, being the pinnacle of 1980’s automotive engineering. Where the F40 attacked the 200 mile per hour barrier with pure power and light weight, the 959 used brains over brawn. The F40 is a pair of Usain Bolt’s Puma track spikes, and the 959 is a well heeled pair of Saville Row Oxfords that somehow managed to achieve the same level of speed prowess. The 959 was the Veyron of its day, and it’s never given up the mantle of dream car.

I never thought I’d see one out on the road, let alone in the dark early morning in the middle of last weekend’s Los Angeles Monsoon!


The Hooniverse Patented DashKam tm worked wonders and captured this beauty just ahead of me on “the 105” at about 6am last Sunday. As soon as I saw those round headlights in the rear view mirror, I knew that they were much too wideset to be on a 993. I practically started to hyperventilate.

You’ve probably already seen the photo on our Facebook page, but luckily I was able to catch up with the car at its destination and snapped a couple ancillary shots of it there for you to enjoy as well.


The black car here belongs to the one and only Mr. Wayne Dempsey; Porsche fanatic, author, DIY-er, and parts purveyor. It was an honor to share the highway with him, and his car.

For anyone interested in why I was in LA for the weekend, rather than my humble home of Reno, read the rest of the story here. There is more 959 content inside, I promise.

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Bradley C. Brownell is an Editor with Hooniverse.com, but he also contributes to his own site “BavarianDrive“. Head over there for more of his work.

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