Weekend Road Trip: Stuff I saw in Central Utah Edition

Looking west at about 7000 ft
Let me preface this by saying I had an OUTSTANDING weekend.  I rented a car and drove to central Utah for a funeral.  I know what you are thinkin “but Schmo, how can a funeral lead to a great weekend?”  Well the service was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady who spent her 90+ years doing nothing but giving to others and I am glad to have attended.  Aside from that, I got to spend time with my wonderful daughter, my awesome ex-inlaws, and I saw a lot of really cool stuff and had my camera on hand to document. Ok, well I don’t have a lot to share with you but what I do have makes for good conversation.  First, let us start out with a (most likely) 68 Beetle.  There really is nothing special about it.  It’s missing an engine and it has a goofy paint job but seeing it buried in the snow bank makes for a neat picture.  Having spent a fair amount of time in this little town of about 200 people, I can safely say that old beetles and vee-dubs are fairly popular.  In fact, the VW-people ratio is about 1-40 and this isn’t even hippie town.
Apparently all 4x4s in Central Utah are primer red to hide the red mud.
Next up we have a nice vintage, still-in-service jeep landcruiser uh, something.  Ooh!  It’s an old Landrover!  Wait that’s not right either.  To be fair, I know what it is but I cannot for the life of me pin down the year.  I know which half of which decade but the changes during that time frame are rather ambiguous.  I’m willing to bet that someone nails the year/make/model by the fifth comment.  What say you commentariate?  And super-extra-bonus points if you can give the year/make/model of the house.  Mid-westerners are immediately disqualified. Lastly, the following pictures are from a side trip I took on the way back.  A side trip that made paying for the rental car and the hotel room 100% worth it.  You will see something thats pretty rare stateside and something that is a work in progress.  There was one other vehicle on site that will get it’s own write-up in the next day or so (yeah, I know I am a tease and I’m ok with that.)
According to the owner, it's a 79 with 39,000 orignial miles.
And it is actually his wife's car.

Mmmmm patina….
I hope everyone else had a great weekend also!

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