Weekend Edition: Yeah Rich Car Guys Are Real Folks After All


So I would suspect that many of my fellow Hoons are wondering just why this olelongrooffan would bother capturing an image of a 2011 F150 pickup truck being offered on the auction block down at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach on Saturday.


Well, as it turns out, this 150 once belonged to President George Bush The Second and he Hooned it around his Texas ranch for a while prior to donating it to Barrett-Jackson to sell at their Scottsdale auction. Rick Hendrick of NASCAR fame ended up purchasing it for $350,000.00 to add to his collection of cool ass cars. 


So anyway, Rick decided he would offer it back for sale here at the Palm Beach edition with all the proceeds going to the National Guard Foundation. Yeah, Barrett-Jackson over the years has raised over $54,000,000.00 (yeah that’s 54 million) dollars for various charities and damn, that is sweet.


So anyway, after some spirited bidding, this jacket clad dude (seen him on B-J on Speed many times) ended up buying that 150 for another $350,000.00 and he and his gorgeous partner got to spend a few minutes with Rick just outside the auction hall and this olelongrooffan was around to capture a few images of that gathering.


Once that dude had exited the premises, Rick hung around a bit to share his autograph and chat it up with us common folk. He even did the obligatory hold the new baby for some images. Now, I have to say this about that. I know this was not just some photo op for Mr. Hendrick. Just look at the smile on his face as he is enjoying holding this infant who can’t be more than a few weeks old. I am confident that Mom and Dad will never forget this moment ever. And I probably won’t either.


And in a very unusual moment for this olelongrooffan, I stood in line to gather up Rick’s autograph on my kick ass pass to that Barrett-Jackson event. As I’m not an autograph hound, this one will be passed along to one of my fellow Hoons for Hoonimas this year. Yeah, I’m already gathering up gifts for that event, How About You?

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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6 responses to “Weekend Edition: Yeah Rich Car Guys Are Real Folks After All”

  1. Kris_01 Avatar

    Friggin' Rick Hendrick. Read "Arrogance and Accords" and your outlook on the man will never be the same.

  2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Better example would be Jim Glickenhouse pacing the LeMons field this weekend, in his P4/5.

  3. OA5599 Avatar

    <img src="http://hooniverse.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/IMG_0432-700×466.jpg&quot; width=500>
    Nice of him to pose with the "H is for Hooniverse" hat.

  4. Synchromesh Avatar

    I guess I'm ignorant since I never heard of this guy. But then again he is connected to NASCAR so that explains it. Also, $350K for a truck like that is just insane imho. The only way I'd consider spending that money on it (if I had it of course) is if Abe Lincoln himself drove it instead.

    1. BobWellington Avatar

      The money goes to charity so it's definitely not insane.

  5. BobWellington Avatar

    Look at that fool taking pictures with a tablet. People these days…