Weekend Edition: Top Gear Polar Special (2007)

One of the greatest “extreme” challenges BBC Top Gear ever did was the Polar Special, aired in July in 2007. Has it really been that long? The idea behind it was to reach the Magnetic North Pole by car, and their vehicle of choice was a modified 2006 Toyota Hilux, specced up by the Reykjavik-based Toyota Iceland subsidiary Arctic Trucks.
There’s something about North Pole being accessible by relatively average guys in a balloon-tired Hilux that really tingles my brain, and makes the episode so well worth watching. Obviously there’s goofing around, but not to the extent that it would make one reach for the skip button.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNkvASxfEWQ[/youtube]
But if not a Hilux, what would you choose for a polar adventure such as this? Of course, Top Gear went for a Hilux mainly for the reason they deemed it unkillable. I would love to see an XJ Cherokee being driven for the same distance, right there.
Disclaimer: I have no idea if my YouTube selections will be playable in every region. Just bear with me.

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  1. nanoop Avatar

    I was slightly dissapointed when I figured out where the magnetic north pole actually was. Still far out, sure, but “only” half way between shore and the Actual North Pole ™.
    For me an obvious scripting adventure, including toilet humor.

  2. Marcel Avatar

    It’s worth mentioning that this was the first ever Top Gear episode shot with HD camera.

  3. quattrovalvole Avatar

    This was THE episode that really got me into Top Gear

  4. Sjalabais Avatar

    I’d have a pretty clear idea of what “car” I’d choose…
    A proper gas stove mounted in the back wouldn’t hurt. The coldest temperature I’ve slept in a tent was -20°C. Don’t want to try double (half?) that.