Weekend Edition: Spring Fling 2010 Rambler Revisit

1 037Every Thanksgiving down here in the World Center or Racing, the Daytona Street Rod Association holds the Turkey Rod Run. It is a huge gathering of all things automotive related including around 1,500 vendors hawking all sorts of shit out in the infield of my local race track. Usually around 5,000 cars show up as well. It has been such a success that a few years ago, they started having another event in the Spring, appropriately called the Spring Fling. Here are a few of the Ramblers and American Motors cars this olelongrooffan saw at the Spring Fling in 2010.

1 013Last year when I was down visiting my friend Kris, I mentioned she had gotten a new car and dukeisduke has always wondered when this olelongrooffan was going to do a post about it. Well, due to schedule constraints we have been unable to get together so I have yet to visit with her once again to get that post together.
1 014So this morning in the comment section of the post about the Daytona Rambler, dukeisduke asked for more images of the Ramblers in the infield so here they are.1 015This olelongrooffan will sheepishly admit that when I was checking these American Motor products out that year, I did not realize how rare more than a few of them are.
1 016This event was right around the time this olelongrooffan was bestowed keys to the vault that is Hooniverse so I am not sure if I posted these here or over on my personal blog but here they are all in one place for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure.1 017

1 018

1 019

1 020

1 021

1 022

1 023

1 024

1 025

1 026

1 027

1 028

1 029

1 030

1 032

1 033

1 034

1 035

1 036

1 038

1 039
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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3 responses to “Weekend Edition: Spring Fling 2010 Rambler Revisit”

  1. Kris_01 Avatar

    Comment 1 : I'm not the Kris that he refers to. I'm someone else entirely.

    1. Kris_01 Avatar

      Comment 2: LOVE the wagon.

  2. mseoul Avatar

    The original body lines on that yelow Matador are amazing. The add-ons, on the bottom, accentuate the original top lines of the car in a way that makes them look surprisingly good and striking.