Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Rest


A number of the cars seen at the Sportscar Breakfast Club event didn’t fit under any of the previous categories, but merited a post crammed together as one. This one goes for the select few.

The car in the headline image is an Opel Speedster, as can be noted from the steering wheel on the left side. The Speedsters with an RHD setup were sold as Vauxhall VX220:s, as you probably know, but a lesser known fact is that they were called Daewoo Speedsters in the Asian market. I’m not making this up, Wikipedia is. The alloy structure is Lotus Elise -derived, as practically everything seems to be.


I really like seeing old Renaults driving around, and the citrus green R8 S was no exception. The day didn’t need brightening, but anything like this seems to have that effect.


BMW M Roadster, Nissan S14 200SX, Smart Brabus Roadster all in the same photo. Somehow a Helsinkian collection.


Not everyone is an Audi TT fan, but this colour is a nice deviation on the usual silver or black.



Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9, the whole six point nine yards. Very inconspicous, hiding behind the bush.


I wanted to end the weekend posts on a high note, but instead I’m showing this modified Citroën Xsara VTS. In all fairness, it belongs to somebody who works in the café, and their offerings were just sublime. I befriended the donuts immediately.

I’ll definitely be visiting the SBC events in the future, and I’m seriously considering acquiring something sportscar-like as well. Not that it’s a requirement, but I do think the coffee would taste even sweeter were I to arrive in an open-top car.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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3 responses to “Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Rest”

  1. Devin Avatar

    Evidence of the Daewoo Speedster's existence.
    <img src="http://www.lotuscars.se/type116/rbf/styling/daewoo4.jpg"&gt;
    Weirdly, not the first Korean Lotus, that would be the Kia Elan.

    1. Rover1 Avatar

      Finally, a Daewoo to dae for!

  2. GuestHKI Avatar

    Love the Smart Brabus Roadster.
    Can't get more bang for the buck.