Weekend Edition: Mystery Car Sighting: The Westland Empire Aristocrat Edition

So awhiles back in my V.I.S.I.T. post about that Deux Chevaux this olelongrooffan had spotted, I mentioned I was returning from picking up TheKenMan’s generously provided AuctionsAmerica weekend pass for their auctions over the past few days. So on this past Saturday morning after making sure the underside of the lid of my washing machine was clean, (yeah that is a joke only a few of my fellow Hoons and thejeepjunkie will get), this olelongrooffan headed across Alligator Alley for the 93 minute drive to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center there in the Port of the Everglades for the show that is Auctions America. Now while I was there I saw a whole bunch of cool ass carp, a lot of which I had seen before but it was cool to see it all once again. There was, however, one vehicle I have only seen in a partly obstructed view and that was here in the Hooniverse. Yes, it was one of the esteemed Mr. Esmlie’s Mystery Car posts from way back in 2011 which, surprisingly, this olelongrooffan remembered. Check that post out here and the ultimate identification of that ride by none other than commenter P161911. Yeah, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was pure assed flabbergasted to have spotted it and even more so to have remembered it. I guess the blue Skyy hasn’t killed all of the brain cells in this double nickeled aged old man.

So there this olelongrooffan was, just checking out this one off prototype that is a year old than I am and observing the owner of it sitting there with his significant other, who was engaged in the old school habit of actually reading printed material that was not broadcast over any interwebs but actually required a page to be turned manually, or womanually, if you will. As I observed Richard and Barbara, I could actually see their existence and how they coexisted with this automobile. Richard grimaced every time a kid approached, and with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County the long time beneficiary of this auction, there were many, as he knew he would need to gather himself out of that comfortable chair in which he found his heretofore relaxing moments, to admonish those kids to “Please Don’t Touch The Car” and the whole time Barbara was reading her book but making sure that Richard didn’t go overboard and cuff one of those heathians up side the head. Although in a Get Off My Lawn Kind Of Way, it may have been necessary.
Now settle down my fellow Hoons, maybe it’s not the kids who need a cuff up side the heads but maybe the adults who have yet to teach those youngsters Car Show Etiquette.
Now having barely saved this olelongrooffan from the scurvy of probably every Hooniparent in attendance, take a look at that work of art as seen above. We can comment about it’s lower lips, it’s Bugeye like lights, it’s generous fore hood length and probably a dozen other styling cues but we cannot dispute that its owner loves it like a child and wishes to protect it in very way. And who can blame him? That thing is gorgeous plus it is the only one in existence and he rebuilt it from scratch. And just check out the company it keeps as shown in these images.
Yeah, here is a link to the back side of this story. I was going to incorporate it into the body of this post but then decided, once I got going on this one, that it would be better off as a link to. My fellow Hoons should check it out though. Richard found this as a Barn Find up in Vermont a few decades ago and fell in love with it enough so that he did a thorough frame off/rebuild to bring this prototype back to life. To this olelongrooffan it is a real inspiration. Check out that link here.
Now, if my fellow Hoons did indeed follow those links, you will note that this rare prototype did not bring in the dollars that it was thought to have earned over the past few years. However, Auctions America believes it will reach the gavel at between $60,000 and $80,000 this weekend. This olelongrooffan sure hopes the value of that Mystery Car is not devalued by that youngster’s a round the neck credentials scuffing the paint on that door.
Now don’t get this olelongrooffan wrong, I am all about bringing new generations into our favorite hobby but we need to encourage and educate our successors as the acceptable conduct when observing these works of art on which so many have labored for our pure enjoyment.
Like the comment about the beach, “leave only footprints,” at a car show, “Enjoy the smells but leave no fingerprints.”
And remember every chance my fellow Hoons get to Celebrate Life.
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All Other Images Copyright Hoonverse 2015/longrooffan

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  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    that thing looks tiny compared to a child

  2. theskitter Avatar

    I can’t decide if I really like or really don’t like the Bugeye Superbird nose. It’s like Being John Malkovich.