Weekend Edition: Long Shots: 1970's Pontiac Ventura and A Bonus Dam Image

IMG_4724 So this olelongrooffan knows it has been a while since anything has emanated from my trusty laptop to these pages, something blatantly pointed out earlier this evening by Bus_Plunge. Well my fellow Hoons, that is something this olelongrooffan plans on changing up, post-haste. Over the New Year’s weekend, the Ozark Mountains got hit with about 20 inches of rain and every creek, river, pothole and lake was flooded beyond its borders. This is the Corp of Engineer’s dam that forms Table Rock Lake about 15 minutes from the cabin Bus_Plunge is so graciously allowing this olelongrooffan to utilize until I can once again get my shit together. (Don’t hold your breath my fellow Hoons.) These spillways rise up 252 feet from the surface of the old White River, now known as Lake Taneycomo. You see that lake is in Taney Co Mo. This is the first time since 2002 that the Corp has displaced so much water across its ten spillways. Yeah, 72,000 cubic feet of water per second. That is a helluva lot of water folks. It was a pretty cool sighting, one this old Hoon has never seen previously, well certainly not in a long time. But enough with my ramblings about this old damn dam. If my fellow Hoons are so inclined, feel free to make the jump to see What Else I Saw That Day. IMG_4754 I spotted this seemingly abandoned car on my way over to check out the Powersite Dam built across the White River back in 1922. This ride could be the cover girl for that group over in the book about my face, Abandoned and Neglected Vehicles. Yeah this one sitting outside a welding shop in that fair burg ad it has definitely been neglected. IMG_4755 And at sometime some dude figured out a hole in the hood would be a fine thing for this Poncho. I think this olelongrooffan can say with confidence, this X body of the era is certainly one of GMs prettier offerings if a Hoon can past the porches situated at either end of this machine. IMG_4756 And it even has a Euro-style tow hook out back! Not quite. Given the location of this X body, this olelongrooffan is going to Ventura guess and suggest that tow hook was probably installed behind the fading white doors of this humble garage. And I am sure it was back during the Apollo era. IMG_4760 And this neglected ride is Not Your Father’s Oldmobile. But it sure has gone downhill quicker than a Super Nova. IMG_4759 But maybe the only model specific brand markings on it are shown in the above image. Maybe that explains the hole in the hood? Maybe so, but it does not forgive those missed matched wheels. Images Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

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