Weekend Edition: Long Shots: 1960 Ford F100

IMG_4691 Sold this old truck last month for my sister and her husband’s company. Got a great price for it and just received a text from the buyer up near Kansas City. (About 3 hours away). “Made it home no problem. Truck’s great. I appreciate doing business with good honest people. Thanks.” Of course I replied back with a thanks and “Honesty is under rated these days.” What does this have to do with a 1960 Ford pickup, longrooffan?”  Well my fellow Hoons will have to make the jump to find out. IMG_4695 As I was heading up to meet up with the buyer of that box truck, this resale red beauty was parked in a ubiquitous Welcome Center parking lot which had no access from the northbound Eisenhour Highway System wanna be. So it ws a few hours later on my return home to my humble abode, this olelongrooffan was lucky enough to see was still resting comfortably in that parking lot. IMG_4697 And although this olelongrooffan prefers my stuff to be stock, those wheels and wide whites don’t bother me one bit. But not on a 1960’s era Starliner. And did my fellow Hoons notice the welcome center billboard in front of this ride? Yeah those places are everywhere. IMG_4699 This Custom Cab has a perfect red and white bench seat interior along with a clumn mounted automatic shifter. Yeah I was pretty surprised by that my own damn self. IMG_4700 This olelongrooffan loves a full on frontal and this pickemuptruck is no exception to that rule. $13,500.00 IIRC. Sweet ride and it is an old school truck that could easily serve as a daily driver.  

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