Weekend Edition – 1973 TVR 3000M


As a counterweight for yesterday’s lightweight two-litre TVR, it’s time to post another TVR sale proposition, albeit with a bigger block of engine up front. The successor to the Vixen and the predecessor of the Tasmin, this 1973 3000M isn’t a wedge-shaped TVR, but a bold bulbous blob of angriness with Cortina taillights. There’s a three-litre Ford Essex V6 under the front clip, and it produces 140hp when running. Despite being an unfinished project car, it runs and drives.

For sale by a private seller in Belgium, it’s certainly an interesting car to behold.


I’ll let the seller talk, since he clearly knows his TVR. I also had to blow up a 500px wide pic to 720px, and for that I’m sorry.

“Unique opportunity ; This is your chance to restore a rare and early (’73) TVR 3000M, to be rebuild from the ground up. Sadly due to professional commitments I am no longer in a position to allow for time to do the restoration myself, hence decide to let someone to enjoy the process of making this a very nice car, either restore it to its original state, or adjust so to take a V8.

Body needs new paint, the interior of the car is good after some cleaning (has original Vixen-style bucket seats, in need of re-bolstering), the rear, heated and tinted glass is present, as is the windscreen, also the doors, door-window frames and windows themselves (the car is more or less complete throughout).

There is a repairable crack in the bonnet (at the RH headlight-pod), it also has NACA ducts, but no frame. The body has the Zodiac side vents, and the Cortina rear light clusters (all original) and a Monza fuel filler cap. The tyres do hold air, but are old. The rims are the Vixen fins, which need attention to bring them back to former glory. The chassis main frame is as far as visible saveable but the outriggers are to be renewed. Both brakes and suspension need to be overhauled.

The engine runs and the car drives, hence after a clean both engine and drivetrain are OK. For the successful bidder there will a lot of information and contacts towards parts (which are easily available as most Ford and Triumph) This is a major restoration, however the sum of the parts alone is in excess of the asking price. Any offer over EUR 3600 will be considered.”

So, for 3600 eur and in Belgium, would you go ahead and grab it?

Link to ad right here

[Source: mobile.de]

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3 responses to “Weekend Edition – 1973 TVR 3000M”

  1. Martynas Avatar

    <img src="http://stipistop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/TVR_Blackpool_Factory_Stipistop-43.jpg&quot; width="500">
    But the true question remains: is this one of them?


    Wish this was over here on the other side of the pond, I want that thing. It's like an adorable little Jensen Interceptor. Think I'd throw a worked over SR20DET in it. Anyone know how much shipping from Europe for a small car generally costs?

  3. mdharrell Avatar

    Back when I had my '69 Sonett V4:
    <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8231/8383618761_4b273123b1.jpg&quot; width="450">
    a friend saw a similar TVR and described it to me as being "like your car but funny-looking."
    That's true friendship.