Was That Really Necessary?

4x4 Mitsubishi DSM eclipse for sale4x4 Mitsubishi DSM eclipse for sale It’s Friday, so you’re probably in a good mood. We’re here to ruin that with this ’82 Bronco chassis-ed ’98 Eclipse. It’s managed to combine a body kit with 33 inch tires. A bumping single 15″ sub with a Hazzard County grade push bar. The Eclipse strikes a somewhat “urban” note, but it’s photographed in front of a mobile home in Macon, Georgia. If the seller had let loose with a bunch of lame decals and stick-on portals, he’d have pretty much every low-end automotive stereotype rolled into one. If you’ve got “$1”, a 4-door truck, V8 Mustang, drag car or 4Runner, you could make this your own and for the love of God burn it to the ground complete the ensemble. Craigslist, of course. Hat tip to LTD Scott!

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