Wait, This Isn't Canal Street?

This was the scene yesterday when a pair of hoons decided to take a shortcut down a frozen-over canal near Winchburgh, West Lothian in Scotland, only to find that they literally were on thin ice. The 22 and 25-year old occupants managed to escape the Peugeot 407 before the captain signaled the order to rig for silent running. When police arrived they discovered the hoons shivering canal-side, and the car in the soup. A police spokesman called the canal run an act of stupidity, and further stated: There is no doubt that these two individuals had a lucky escape, and had the canal been deeper, there could very well have been a different outcome. While not condoning such acts, the thought of blasting down a frozen canal does have its appeal. And remember everybody – If it’s not Scottish, it’s crrrrrap! Source:[News.Scotsman.com]

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