Wagon Wednesday: Volvo V70XC Dakar edition

Back when Volvo was still making proper wagons, or at least selling them in the U.S., the off-road-ish Outback-ish version of the V70 was called V70 XC, as opposed to the current XC70. It was the popularity of the raised XC which ironically lead to the demise of the V70, as buyers appreciated its SUVness. One of the people who loved the XC was Swedish inventor Claes Blomquist, who decided to race the V70 XC in the 2003 Dakar Rally. [Source: v70xc.com] While it does not look as so at first sight, this is a space-frame (I think) vehicle with the XC body panels attached to it. It is/was powered by a Volvo turbo-diesel with the required restrictor in place. 2500 man-hours and $90,000 later the car was finished. Note the portal axles, which was how I found this car. I don’t know if the car ever started in the Dakar Rally or not. The website for this project down and the source website does not look like it has been updated recently. My quick research into it just shows the preparations. If anyone has anymore info on it, please post in comments.

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