Wagon Wednesday: Mercedes 450SEL Crayford Estate

Haye writes:

According to the ad the British  company Crayford built a limited series of these estates (about 80) that were officially sold by Mercedes Benz in England and the USA. Because of the high price only 15 of those were the long wheelbase top version 450 SEL. Sophia Loren and Cher Bono (From Sonny and Cher…..waaay before my time!) drove the 450 SEL version at some point in their respective lives. This example was the first built prototype and is distinguished from the following cars  by a flatter and more elegant roof. The car was owned by the director of Crayford, Sir David Mc Mullan and only drove 60.960 miles. The car was restored over the past two years, and was awarded the “worldwide best Crayford” by the Crayford Car Club. Maybe something for Wagon Wednesday?

Maybe?! I think this machine will receive a ton of love here… at least until we mention its $52,000 asking [crack pipe] price. [Source: autoscout24.de | Thanks for the tip Haye!]

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