Wagon Wednesday Long Shots: Hey! I Coulda Been A GTO

So this olelongrooffan is certain that my fellow Hoons are aware the Pontiac GTO created by John Delorean when he was over at the Pontiac Division in the early 60’s.  He wanted to create a muscle car for the Pontiac division but the powers that be didn’t want anything in house to take away from Chevrolet’s position in the mid size muscle car arena. Therefore it was set up that by merely checking a few boxes on a base Tempest, or was it Lemans, you could get a full blown muscle car from the Pancho Poncho division

This one had none of the GTO boxes checked. It is a base model Tempest wagon showing 54K on its clock.  Due to the condition of the two foot pedals on this longroof, I could draw the conclusion those could be original miles.

However, the exterior of this beauty tells this olelongrooffan a different story. The tailgate and “D” pillars are full of rust bubbles and the upper wheel wells and leading edge of the hood out front were not letting the rear end put them to rust shame.

And this olelongrooffan is definitely not sure what it is that has etched the rear glass. But Man, that hurts.

The “D”pillar on the passenger’s side is definitely showing the worst of the rust decay on this one. If the price was right, this olelongroof would fit right in with the rest of my “pre rusted” livery.

Hey…what’s that down there?

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