Wagon Wednesday Long Shots: A Midsize Bowtie Beauty

This past weekend it seems there was a car show in nearly every part of the country. The World Center of Racing was no different. At the annual Rods on the Hill show, this olelongrooffan spotted what is, at least to me, a highly desirable longroof courtesy of the Bowtie Division of General Motors.

This longroof is one this olelongrooffan would use as a daily driver. 283 V8 under the hood coupled to a two speed…was it hydromatic?…transmission, after market air conditioning and damned if it doesn’t have dog dish chrome hubcaps on black steelies. WIN all the way around.

And the roof is long enough. Even thehorsefarmer, to the right in the above image, agreed this is one beautiful longroof. The only possible option this olelongrooffan would like to have would be a chrome luggage rack up top, but its absence is definitely not a deal breaker.

And that maddenly etched rear window, similar to this longroof’s cousin I saw a few weeks ago, is the only real flaw on this rust free, drop dead gorgeous longroof.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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