Wagon Wednesday: It's All Peugeots And Messerschmitts For This olelongrooffan


So, my fellow Hoons, it has been three years to the day that the Hooniverse Overlords allowed this olelongrooffan a key to the vault that is Hooniverse. And what a ride for this olelongrooffan it has been. 605 posts. Yeah, the 300, 325, 504, 505 and 604 anniversary posts just slipped on by. And 1,095 days.  Appropriately enough, this leather year anniversary falls on a Wagon Wednesday for this olelongrooffan. Of course there are plenty of other Hoons posting stuff up here with a greater number (and quality) of posts than this olelongrooffan but I just have to say this about that. I have had a blast experiencing tons of off the wall stuff and sharing it with my fellow Hoons, regardless of the excellent skill sets my fellow Hoontributors possess.

Near the end of April, 2010, this olelongrooffan was sitting in my Taj Mahal there in the Birthplace of Speed wondering where all the cool kids from [REDACTED] had gone. It seemed that, once again, life caught this olelongrooffan spinning my wheels on the restart. I had stumbled upon [REDACTED] fairly recently and now it seemed once again this olelongrooffan was left behind at the first turn. It was only from a random comment the lovely Air Cooled Queen Ambersand left on [REDACTED] that I was able to find my way on over this way and, as of yet, this olelongrooffan hasn’t been kicked to the curb.

roadtrip15 057

Yeah, as I was reading along on all things Hoon, I kinda figured some of the random crap this olelongrooffan writes about might be appreciated by my fellow Hoons. So I popped off an email to the Overlords with a couple of posts I had published over on my personal blog and low and behold, those Overlords added me to the queue of contributors.


And my fellow Hoons have accepted this olelongrooffan nearly without exception. Oh sure there have been a couple of would be scoundrels who have, on a very few occasions, almost caused this olelongrooffan to slam that calmshell tailgate closed and head on down the backroads to another adventure. But I have to thank my fellow Hoons for giving the green flag to this olelongrooffan’s writing style, as quirky as it is described as being. But hey, as Popeye says, “I yam what I yam.”

pothole repair

As this olelongrooffan mentioned in my first post thirty-six moons ago, I am not all that great at technical or third person stuff . I do better with first person experiences. I mean, and I have said this before, any old site can screen grab some images of a new car release, but to this olelongrooffan, there is nothing better than a first person account of that release. And sometimes a surprise story is even better.


Now this olelongrooffan has rambled on more than one occasion about my love and lust for olelongroofs. Well, new ones too. And I am not alone, especially here in the Hooniverse. That has been the one constant in my life for as long as I can remember. It was at least 12 or 15 years ago while cruising around some car show with thejeepjunkie that this olelongrooffan mentioned to him that longroofs were the next big thing. Well, my fellow Hoons, he pahshawed me and at the time, I just dropped the subject. As the years have passed, we all have seen the popularity of vintage longroofs increase almost to the point of vulgarity. But the comment by Tanshanomi on a post I did about my brother Bus-Plunge’s shorty bus sums it up best. “Not a huge number of them made in comparison to passenger cars….they were pretty much used up and unceremoniously discarded as scrap.” To me, that comment pretty much describes the fate of many old longroofs of back in the day.


And that makes the sighting of this 1957 Buick Century Caballero hardtop longroof I saw a couple weeks ago not far from TheStuccoBox all the more worth while. Yeah. Longroof. Vintage. Excellent Two Tone Color. Primo Shape. And a Hardtop. What could be better?


Well, Model number 69 would be a great place to start, IMHO.
fiat dino

But, yeah, in addition to a bunch of cool ole longroofs, there have been many other cool sightings by this olelongrooffan over the past Messerschmitt numbered days and I am always on the lookout for something I hope and believe my fellow Hoons will enjoy.


Yeah, that hardtop longroof was nice and that all original 58 Cadillac drop top seen in the background of the above image was just as desirable. Yeah, it’s an all original 1958 Cadillac out of the Design and Styling Department of General Motors overseen by Harley Earl, just prior to his retirement in 1958.


And because it is Wagon Wednesday here in the Hooniverse, another one is due. And while this one was spotted at another local car show down here in toney Palm Beach, Florida, this wagon holds a special place in the heart of this olelongrooffan.


My fellow Hoons may remember that growing up on Haven Lee Farm way back in the 1970’s, my pop, TheGentlemanFarmer picked up this old then new Sweptside Dodge pick up as our daily driver farm truck.  I posted about an experience this olelongrooffan had with this ole farm truck here. thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan have long had a running disagreement about the actual year of our old truck. He is certain it was a 1970 while I held out for a 1971 model year. I know we could have google imaged the dang thing and resolved it years ago but what the hell fun is that?


Anyway, a week or so ago I spotted this Power Wagon out at yet another car show. Seeing one of these in Palm Beach is quite rare but was a real treat for me. The owner proclaimed this one to be a 1970. As it has round side marker lights and our farm truck had the newer style rectangular ones, this olelongrooffan is proclaiming thejeepjunkie to be mistaken. Stick with old Jeeps my young brother. Based on this morning’s Classic Caption, I’m now not so sure. But I will say this about that. See the way the rear end of the hood is sprung? Ours ended up the same way when a strong wind caught it as some young whippersnappers were trying to open the hood up at Dot’s Log Cabin gas station a long time ago.


The side moldings on our were a tad bit different as we had trim around the wheel wells and along the bottom between them. No upper side trim was in place on ours. Also, our Dodge 200 had deadly split rim 16.50″ wheels, long since outlawed by the Feds. The step bumper on the rear of ours was the standard gray model with no side returns such as this Power Wagon has.


In addition to the same rear tail lights and reverse lights, our farm truck shared yet another common feature with this Power Wagon. See the creases in the uprights on each side of that tailgate? (It says Dodge in between those uprights.) Yeah, see those creases? Well, know this my fellow Hoons, those are not factory installed. Those are custom features, usually field applied.

Well my fellow Hoons, if that particular truck is Hooned around with the tailgate down long enough (and enough potholes and livestock dug holes are hit at speed) the straps holding that tailgate horizontal will snap in two and that tailgate will drop down and hit that step bumper, resulting in those creases to those uprights TheGentleManFarmer used to yell at us about way back in the day.

Yes, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan just can’t make this shit up.

Anyway, thanks for having me around these past Messerschmitt days and Peugeot posts. Hope I can overstay my welcome just a bit longer. This olelongrooffan is having a blast.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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15 responses to “Wagon Wednesday: It's All Peugeots And Messerschmitts For This olelongrooffan”

  1. Felis_Concolor Avatar

    I know I should be enjoying the other photographs but I can't tear my eyes away from that pull-tab; I haven't used one of those in over 30 years. And that plate reminds me of a pre-microwave design which was stove top and oven safe due to its cast iron core. We quickly figured out not to use them in our then-new Radarange in the very early 70s.

    1. Irishzombieman☆ Avatar

      The first time I went fishing was with my dad's friend Ed. Just me and him at this stinky little pond near the border of Nevada and Oregon. We fished with worms and salmon eggs for two hours without a single nibble, then Ed said, "Well, when normal stuff don't work, do something silly."
      He popped a beer and took a big slug of it, then tied the pull tab to a swivel and hook and tossed it into a spot where a little creek fed the pond. He let it drift out into the pond a bit, then started jigging it back towards us with little tugs.
      WHAM! The rod bent over and started zigzagging side to side, he played it for a minute to make sure the hook was set, then handed me the rod. My first fish, a 9-inch trout.
      I'm sure it was a thing Ed had done before, but to me it seemed like magic. I think of that every time I see a pull tab. I stopped reading for a coupla minutes when I saw it above.

      1. Felis_Concolor Avatar

        And here I thought my pocket sized tackle box filled with Helin Flatfish were a crazy set of "secret weapons." I'm going to see how well that works with the modern tabs the next time I get to visit a lake or pond. I was definitely spoiled by my early 80s summer experiences in the Temagami lake region along the Ontario-Quebec border.

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    Three years already? Please, continue.

  3. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    I have a feeing I'll be enjoying your next 605 posts even more than the starter batch.

  4. stigshift Avatar

    That Buick is just fantastic! Who amongst us could possibly dislike a hardtop wagon? Damn shame that GM didn't offer hardtops on their '59-60 wagon lineup…

  5. dwegmull Avatar

    Congrats on the big 6 oh 5!
    Side note: having grown up in a village where several buildings are older than the USA, seeing a truck about my age with "antique" plate is hilarious!

  6. Lotte Avatar

    It's always fun reading your posts, Longroof! And now if I ever come across an old Dodge pick'emup truck I'll know exactly what happened. Though I'm afraid that bit of knowledge won't earn me one red cent. (Okay, okay, I'm done impersonating you. I just can't help but enjoy your musings!)

    1. owl Avatar

      I agree that sentiment totally. Always a joy to read you olelongrooffan – I admire you and your writing style so keep it up: please!

  7. lilred Avatar

    Time sure flies when you are having fun. I can't believe
    3 years have flown by, so keep writing and we will keep
    reading. Hope you won't mind me pointing out the older
    16" wheels had the lock rings, the 16.5" were the one piece
    tubeless variety.I have changed a lot of them back in the
    day never had a lock ring blow off.Happy 3rd Anniversary.

  8. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Good ol' kingcrowning. What ever happened to that poor guy? We really reamed that dude.
    Regardless, here's to another 605. Keep up the great work.

  9. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Well!! How can this be a coincidence? I've just bought a Peugeot 605 ! Spooky or what? I pick up my 'French Camry ' the Pininfarina styled Alfa 164 clone, sistercar to the Citroen XM, in 3 weeks
    Now I know the real reason the number seemed important .Well done!

  10. Busplunge Avatar

    Longrooffan— you somehow neglected to show the OTHER photo of the 1972 Dodge…. <img src="http://bp1.blogger.com/_zCnDCJkPVTc/SE3lF0ufDDI/AAAAAAAAAXM/jUhRte8sbqI/s1600/wrecked+dodge_edited.jpg&quot; width="600">
    you said it best: "I had just turned 16, gotten my license, and was going to "check the mail" down the mile long gravel road that was our driveway. I was travelling a little to rapidly for the conditions (read speeding like hell down that hill, around a curve on a gravel road and lost the rear end in loose gravel) and struck the railing on the bridge over Turnback Creek. As you can see, with the location of the damage, the left rear mud and snow tire was hanging over the edge of the bridge, about 20 feet above the water.
    Mrs. Britian, a sweet older woman and our closest neighbor, arrived first and made sure I was okay. After a bit, Dad came driving up in his 73 Maroone Buick LeSabre, which almost floated away at Jim's wedding (another blog), and was he PISSED OFF. The first thing he did, after asking me what happened, "Dad, the brakes failed"! was take my license. Mrs. Britian said to my dad was "Bob, now be happy he wasn't hurt." My Dad's response, "Hurt, Hell I'm going to kill him." Mr. Britian, never did know their first names, showed up with his cool little IH Cub Tractor and pulled that truck to safety."

    1. Busplunge Avatar

      Yeah, that'll buff out…. If you hadn't clipped the cab side all you would have needed was a new bed. And you wonder why I took the tires off my Spitfire when I was overseas!.

  11. Tom Lee Avatar
    Tom Lee

    way to go on 605, maybe we can find a car with that number????
    Missed the imfamous little bridge wreck, must have been in western pacific at the time.
    keep up the great writing, dad would be proud.