Wagon Wednesday – For Sale: 1968 Volvo Amazon

One blue Amazon.

As you undoubtedly know, the essence of classic Volvo wagons hasn’t always been blockiness. Even if one can’t deny the cool exuded by a good-looking last-series 245, fully loaded, it’s the Amazon that sends my heart fluttering. But, as they are durable cars, their durability has often been tried and tested and they do show the marks of time – as the Volvo 122’s tagline used to say “Drive it like you hate it”, many seem to have done so.

But here’s a late Amazon wagon that is as presentable as it was new. Make the jump for more photos.

This navy blue Amazon has been imported from southern Sweden and is registered as a historic car in Finland. The odometer only shows 74 000 km, and there are documents to prove it. The excellent sales photos look like they’ve been taken by a magazine photographer, they’re that good – and as a little Googling reveals, the elderly lady owner of the car belongs to a car club and the Amazon’s most likely been documented for publication purposes.

The engine bay is just as flawless as the rest of the car. Everything in there looks factory fresh, and it’s almost a shame to dirty it with usage. Look at all that room… for activities!

There’s a single SU carb on the B18 engine, and the transmission is a 4-speed M41 with overdrive. Power output is a modest 85 hp, but do you really need more driving this exact car?

The asking price for this perfect Volvo is 16 500 EUR. It’s far from cheap, as picking up well-used Amazons can be done for basically anything you have between the sofa pillows, but it’s unlikely an example in this condition is going to come around too soon. The seller says the car has “survived almost original”, but telling whether that means ground-up restoration or merely a good Simoniz job is up for the pundit to find out.

[Source: Nettiauto (partially in Finnish)]

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