Wagon Wednesday: Find This Stolen '57 Chevy Wagon from Ham Lake, MN

This yellow and white ’57 Chevy Wagon was stolen from the garage of a man who spent five years restoring it. It was supposedly stolen by a man who ran from the cops after they tried to pull him over for driving a stolen pickup. The man manged to run away and supposedly hid in the garage of the house where this Chevy was parked. The poor Chevy was just a victim of circumstance.

A classic yellow Chevy wagon, a loud one at that, pretty audacious choice for someone trying to blend in. Let’s hope it gets recovered and is returned to the owner and the thief gets shot his hands cut off arrested. Another picture after the jump.

UPDATE: The car has been recovered in St. Paul with only minor damage.

[Source: myfoxtwincities.com | Thanks for the tip Jon! ]



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