Wagon Wednesday: '66 Mercury Colony Park is Our Kind of Green

Clearly the biggest problem with Clark Griswold’s Metallic Pea wagon was the lack of 46 years of aging. This Mercury Colony Park wagon takes a perfect distillation of 1966 and ages it to perfection in the Southern California Sun. The beauty’s more than skin-deep too, as this Merc’s interior and spec sheet are nearly perfect.

Obviously, I’m feeling a little nostalgic , but this classic  battle wagon really ticks all the boxes as a perfect cruiser/hauler. The H-code 390 runs 9.5:1 compression, meaning it’ll deliver stump-pulling torque without getting cranky on mediocre pump gas (like my 315hp 10.5:1 390 did). Though in need of a recharge (which really means a leak-fix), the AC system is all there, ready to keep you cool on the way to the beach.

The rear features Ford’s “Magic Gate” three-way tailgate and a reverse-facing “way back” seat. Speaking of seats, these are in uncharacteristically great (and green) shape for the age and typical life a battle-wagon like this endures.

And then…the wheels. If they’re really a $2500 set as the seller describes, they’re actually a bonus: you can sell them for a decent chunk of change and get a proper set of color-matched steelies.

It failed to meet reserve in its first auction, peaking at $3,650.  The seller relisted with an opening bid of $4,000…and got zero takers. It seems the supply and demand curves might intersect somewhere between the two.

For reference, my more powerful, not not as nice Country Sedan went for $3000 (and came with a huge pile of spares), what would you pay for the SS Whirled Peas?

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