Volkswagen Pickup-thing Makes Us Draw a Blank for Nicknames

Sure, warlords have their HiLux. But the UN used these! And didn't really win.
Okay, we all know that we blogger-types love to come up with cheesy nicknames for vehicles we see. Rabbitamino! Volvochero! Transformarobirdobilederchicken!
Perfect for carrying all your miniature troops in the canvas-sided bed.
In this case, I’m drawing a blank. I don’t even know what to call it. As such, I’m leaving it up to you. What shall we call it, and what’s your justification for it? Does it deserve an -amino, -chero, -page or -allero suffix? Or something else entirely? As a warning, by the way, it should be noted that we Volkswagenista do not acknowledge the Routan – Grand Caravan thing as being a Volkswagen, so any solution that relies on that steaming piece of crap for its rationale will be summarily dismissed as “wrong”. Now sure, it’s mostly just a factory issue stock pickup, but it’s one I only see once in a blue moon. And come on, it’s got a canvas cover! Personally, I quite like it, but that’s no surprise. It’s got a little more character than your standard Warlord-issue HiLux, but would still look just as appropriate with a nice .50-cal mounted in the back.
Who needs a Quad-Cab Ram or F150? A portion of the utility, a fraction of the size… why it's just like a truck! Only not! And more military-ish!

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