Visit to a junk yard in Norway

If it was up to me I would have visited a junk yard in every country I have ever been too. Sadly none of my traveling companions ever had interest in such things. Museums, art shows, some castle ruins, cities, beaches, restourants, some old crap, everything but junk yards. Sad too, as we can learn so much about the people of the region from junk yards and the vehicles they have left behind. contributor Piotrek xxx recently spent some time in Norway and he of course visited a local junk yard. After the jump are several of the cars I found most interesting. To see all of them head over to There is a bonus Mystery Car in the pictures too!


Toyota Crown longroof
the sad state of saab
Skoda Fjord? a.k.a Rapid?
This is your mystery car for today!
These were sold in U.S., right? Stanza Wagon or something like that?
I think it's a Wartburg but I maybe completely wrong
Civic, or CVCC? Audi in front of it. Yes, Audi.

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