Vintage Cars of the May 1st Cruise

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Fiat 124 Sport Spider post, May 1st is a holiday over here. Everybody gets the day off work, everybody gets their sunglasses if the weather is as fine as today and there’s often some sort of cruise at the town centre. As my articles have shown you, the town in which I reside (Kokkola/Karleby) is a vibrant car culture town, and this means today’s cruise was really something. At around two o’clock, an armada of fantastic cars rode through town, attracting admiring looks from the townspeople gathered by the town square. Little kids hollered, recognizing cars (there’s hope for future generations of car guys), taking photos with their cellphones (everybody’s got em as early as they can walk). It has been a while since driving a car through town has been as positive a thing as it was today.

So, for a little while I will be posting a couple of articles segmentically; there’s such an immense amount of excellent metal that I can’t lump them all together. I’m starting off with the oldest collection. Consider these cruise articles as sort of a season preview, really; here you’ll see just what kind of cars people cherish here, and which I hope to be able to grasp in detail during the summer of 2012.

Toothpaste green Olds. I love the ballooning early-’50s shape.

Deuce Coupe?

Another ’30s Ford. A bit more customized than the earlier one.

You’ll have to tell me what this is.  (– edit: Willys Aero, thanks Alff)

Mercury Comet

Long, long Cadillac.

Chrysler Imperial Southampton

Chrysler New Yorker

DeSoto Fireflite

Cadillac Sixty? As usual, feel free to correct me; I’m not on most solid ground with vintage US metal.

This shaved primer blob might’ve been a Ford.

A Model A…

And a Model T.

This concludes the oldest variety of today’s cruise. Stay on the channel for more goodness; and if there’s something in the background that has yet to be featured, it might be later.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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