Vintage Australian Touring Car Racing: Because You Weren't Going To Be Productive Today Anyhow

Who doesn't like a racing Mini? Especially when you add in a Mustang or three.
The Incomparable Mr. Scroggs has come through once again in his singular mission to destroy your productivity. Simply put, it’s from the Australian Touring Car Championship of 1968 — one of the precursor leagues to today’s V8 Supercars. I, for one, think the V8 Supercars could be rather entertaining if they introduced some BMW Minis into the mix. Not saying I want them to do it permanently, but maybe for a race or two. At any rate, enjoy a little bit of Mustang-on-Mini aggression. Nothing I like more than seeing a little Mini chasing after a vehicle we traditionally think of as a performance car. Part I: [youtube][/youtube] Part II: [youtube][/youtube] Part III: [youtube][/youtube]

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