Vintage Advertising: This Mazda Fastback is Not a Slowpoke Edition

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From my recently acquired 1970s automotive magazines, here is something for rotary lovers. Five years or 75,000 miles or worry free enjoyment, just as Felix Wankel envisioned. It’s a good thing that the old 12As can be easily lifted by two people.

Also, two things:

  1. The feedback in terms of comments to these 1970 adverismnets has been somewhat… lower than I expected. I realize that they’re posted late in the day. Do you want to continue seeing them?
  2. Send us tips on the interesting and the weird stuff you see. We try to run as many of the intersting tips as we get, but it’s not always easy to do in quick amount of time. Also, you can tell us how much we suck provide feedback on what you see and what you want to see more of.
  3. Have a great weekend, especially those of you who are not working on Monday.

And as usual, clicky for bigger picy.

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