VIDEO: Romanian Robbers Break Into a Moving Truck

You knew it was possible to pull up behind a truck, climb on the hood of your car, and then into the truck. Yet you were either too smart or not crazy or desperate enough to try it. Welcome to Romania, where gangsters are evidently crazy and desperate enough to do it. Watch the video taken by a police helicopter with an infrared (I think) camera.

It shows a truck traveling on a highway and an SUV quickly pulling up to a its bumper. With the SUV not visible to the truck driver in mirrors, these nut-jobs climb out of the sunroof, onto the hood, and open the doors of the truck. Disappointed by its cargo, they casually go back into the SUV. Unfortunately they did not know that the police helicopter followed them home and busted their butts. They were probably in jail until their comrades bribed the police with the money they extorted from the people of a little village.

This video got me thinking…

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

… If us hoons were to go into this line of work, what vehicle would we choose? I’m thinking a Range Rover or a Mercedes G, here is why:

  • Flat hoods provide more stability.
  • Big sunroofs.
  • Lots of cargo space.
  • Plenty of power.
  • Strong chassis in case you need to plow through something or someone.
  • I’d make mine black.
  • I’d paint the roof and hood with bed-liner type of thing which would provide extra traction to my fellow gangsters.
  • I’d tint the windows, because we’re gangsters.
  • I would remove the front passenger seat for easier sunroof access.


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