Vette On A Wire

Yesterday, while we were all doing important things like snarking about cars on the Internet, other people were actually out driving them. One such person was rocking his C6 Vette down Warner Avenue in the OC’s Fountain Valley when wham-bam eggs and ham; he’s got a telephone pole G-string.

I see london, I see france. . .
The Corvette was the unfortunate recipient of a surprise tee-boning by another car which turning left into a car wash. As you can see, not only did it suffer some pretty serious de-fiberglass-ification, but it also got a nasty wedgie thanks to the telephone pole anchoring cable. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the 11AM crash, and the fat guy with the cone  didn’t work up too much of a sweat. Source: [TheOCRegister]

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