V.I.S.I.T.: VW Street Buggy

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I have a special affection for minimalist vehicles, and as a former VW buggy owner, street buggies hover somewhere near the top of my list. I snapped this rail-framed, amusement-park-on-wheels outside a local pizzeria. I thought this particular “shortback” design was just about perfectly proportioned.

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I can’t share any details beyond what you see here, because I didn’t spend too much time checking it out, or wait until the owner finished downing his Italian pie and return to his ride. Firstly, I was on my evening commute after a long day, and secondly, this sort of thing isn’t really all that uncommon a sight where I live.

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I count myself lucky to live in Missouri — one of the dwindling number of states where this sort of fenderless, windshield-less, emission-control-less vehicle is still legal to drive on the street.  Since there are states where these mobile hoonage factories have been relegated to trails and sand dunes, I thought it worth sharing this to encourage our hoon brothers who live behind the lines of Occupied America, where East and West Coast DMV Nazis have eliminated this sort of fun.

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It made me miss mine. Perhaps I’ll go get another one and build it up as a small blow against the Empire.

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