V.I.S.I.T. – Three American Classics

CadLimo_01 (Custom)

For your Wednesday reading pleasure, enjoy this clutch of collectible cars captured by two of our loyal readers. That’s right, folks. You get not one, but two posts in one this time. Talk about efficient. I’m making up for lost time today, and you reap the benefits!

IMG_20131120_125149_238 (Custom)

First up is this classic beauty, in a perfect shade of champagne. This picture comes to us courtesy reader FreeMan (thanks, man!). I like his description:

Just saw this while I was out at lunch. At first I thought it was a Packard, but the hub caps seem to have a Studebaker S. After a brief Google image search, nothing struck a Cord. For me, at least, this one is a Duesy. Maybe it would be better as a Mystery Car entry.

Perhaps you’re right, FreeMan. Can anyone identify this golden beauty? 

CadLimo_02 (Custom)

The next two machines come to us courtesy John “Hoonaford” in Virginia (thanks for the great shots). He found us a couple of old GM’s – one a derelict reminder of better days, and the other a truck.

CadLimo_04 (Custom)

John says:

The Caddy Limo is clearly not-running – the inspection tags were last pasted-on back in 2003, but note the custom-coachwork and the cool flag-holders on the quarter panels. It was observed chillin’ amongst the pine trees behind the Edelweiss German-restaurant in the middle of rural-nowhere …er, Staunton, Virginia (awesome, hearty food on a great Hoon-worthy two-lane drive.)

At some point in the recent past, this car was important to somebody, but is now spending most of its time converting steel to iron oxide. Someone save this Caddy! On a side note, I could really go for some schnitzel right about now.

CadLimo_03 (Custom)

Next up, we have what I believe is a 1953 Chevy 3100. This is significantly older, significantly greener, and significantly more awesome than the limo. Check it out.
3100_01 (Custom)


The Chevy 3100 runs and might be a daily-driver as it was gone 45-minutes later. It was spotted in a parking lot in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, VA. This particular parking lot almost always has something fascinating in it: one time a beautifully-worn 70s’ Travco motor-home (apparently as a live-in w/extension cords and all;) a sighting of a beautifully restored 1952 Chevy Panel truck and another instance with a beautiful Westfalia camper with matching trailer. (!!) I’m gonna keep checking back.

3100_02 (Custom) 

3100_03 (Custom)

Please do keep checking back, John, we need to see that Westy. This Chevy, too, is slowly beginning its conversion from steel and iron to rust, but a little rust on the surfaces can look great, especially on an old green truck, wouldn’t you agree? Let us know in the comments.

As always, if you see anything old, sporty, fast, ugly, weird, or just plain cool, take some pictures and send them our way at tips@hooniverse.info.


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