V.I.S.I.T: The Shared Platform Edition

So, while this olelongrooffan was out and about gathering up those doors for the “Charles Barrett Special” I happened to spot a couple cool old classics. Ironically the first comment on the Hooniverse Asks post about platform sharing was by the that dude with seemingly endless automotive knowledge, tonyola, and it was about this platform.

This car seems to be in great shape. Supposedly all original with only 20,000 miles. It sure looks nice and could quite possibly be all original. The paint, however, looks almost to good to be true if that were the case. The sun down here in the Sunshine State tends to fade out this shade of burgundy over the years so this car must have lived its life in a garage somewhere.

The case of the temporary tag on the rear of this classic causes me to hesitate about the validity of the 20K mileage claim although the interior of this coupe is sure clean and without wear.

However, looking a the vinyl topless C pillar it appears to this olelongrooffan those are bondo repairs up at the top corner of the rear window.

At $5,500.00 it’s still a nice ride though, it’s just that the roof isn’t long enough for me.

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