V.I.S.I.T. – The (high school) Graduate Edition

Dustin Hoffman's awkward early years.
This charming Italian runabout was spotted outside of a Quizno’s in Boulder. And it was too good to pass up. Fiat may have built over 100,000 of the diminuitive 850 Spider, but here’s one that hasn’t succumbed to the whims of rust. Bertone supplied the bodies, while the regular 850 coupe/sedan supplied the drivetrain: an 843cc engine (817cc in America, for smog regs), mounted in the back and tuned to produce a rip-roarin’ 49 horsepower. Fortunately Colorado drivers are much nicer than my familiar New England variant–the lucky owner did make it to Quizno’s unscathed, despite the jacked-up Tacomas and middle-aged guys on Harleys. Keep on truckin’, my good man.

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