V.I.S.I.T. – Spawn of Scottish Militant Left-wing Shipbuilders Edition

I’ve written about the troubled but awesome Imp before, but I’ve never seen one off the track (where they’re less troubled and more awesome, generally speaking). And then this little bastard comes into view, parked in my new mecca for automotive randomness, Ballard. Standing next to one really brings the proportions into focus. The beltline is at limbo level for little people, and the greenhouse is immense, like a miniature popemobile. Somehow, the cartoon proportions work for me, and I know the Imps are screamers in the right state of tune, weighing slightly less than a small Shetland pony but with that tiny four-banger hanging on out back for dear life. Honestly, this seafoam green patina doesn’t work for me like a nice shiny respray would, but maybe I’m in the minority here.

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