V.I.S.I.T. – Mystery Jeep Half-Cab

I ran across this Jeep CJ pickup a while back, serving as a parking lot attendents’ service vehicle. Any longer-wheelbase CJ-6 is a rare enough sighting. A CJ-6 wearing a half-cab hardtop is rarer still. This one, however, is downright bizarre: notice that the only seam between the cab and the body is the uneven crack in the white paint. That cab is not the usual bolt-on accessory top typically seen on Jeeps. Did someone (for reasons unknown) put forth the time and effort to custom weld and fill the junction between a standard CJ-6 and an aftermarket half-cab top? Or was this some type of limited-production hardtop from Kaiser, or a third party? Jeep gurus, feel free to leave your insights in the comments and let me know exactly what the heck I was looking at.

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  1. Hatchtopia Avatar

    I'm no expert, but that looks suspiciously like a postal cab top half. I'm thinking custom fabrication by someone with some time and two halves of different Jeeps in the back yard.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    1964 Kaiser Jeep CJ6, in this listing from Nebraska in 2011. (And dammit! It went for under $2100!) Click the 'view original listing' link to see a PDF of the e-bay ad. So there's at least two, unless your white one is this grey one (red in the engine bay) after a repaint.
    <img src="http://media.collectorcarpricetracker.com/auction_data/2011/11/28/130605283719/1.jpg"&gt;
    Here's a whole page about Willys Jeeps with half cabs…
    …where you'll find this peach, listed on the Hudson Valley (NY) Craig's list back in 2013 as having a Kelly all steel half cab.
    <img src="http://www.ewillys.com/wp-content/uploads2/2013/09/1966-cj6-springglen-ny1.jpg"&gt;
    <img src="http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii570/tomatolane/KGrHqJHJE8FIHmbMY02BSE5EhiEi60_57_zpsb163f409.jpg&quot; width=300>

  3. LEROOOY Avatar

    Sounds like something bodged together for airport tarmac work. Doesn't look like a luggage-cart hitch though.

  4. engineerd™ Avatar

    These were available when new from Meyers and other aftermarket sources. I'm not sure if the factory put out any half cabs, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did a short run.
    These are getting to be more popular with the CJ crowd again, and even the Wrangler guys are getting in on the half cab craziness.