V.I.S.I.T.: Grand National!


Found on the street in nearly immaculate shape.
  There are a few cars out there that will make me pull a u-turn on the street to get a closer look. The Grand National is one such car.
It's kept bone stock, which somehow seems so much more fitting.
  It’s also a car that always concerns me a little bit whenever I see one. I have an irrational love for these cars, and I’ve harboured that affection since the late 80’s when I bought myself a Grand National model kit without actually knowing what it was.
Understated bragging. Who thought that was possible?
  Luckily for me, the kit included quite a lengthy explanation of the car. Keep in mind, back in those days, there was no such thing as Wikipedia — hell, it was still another three or four years before I finally got internet access at all — and certainly nothing approaching the marvels of Hooniversity. I read that little explanation quite voraciously and found myself captivated. Such a boxy, bland, almost ugly-looking car, and yet such a vicious performer! Faster and more powerful than most V8’s of the day? What? Really? There are a few cars that have managed to cast this spell over me. The Grand National, the AMX, the Hurst S/C Rambler, the Corrado, the early-60s Lincoln Continental, the first-generation VW Transporter, to name just a few. The might be one of the reasons I also fear these cars.
The traditional Turbo-6 emblem.
  About 7 years ago I was driving down a highway and saw a Corrado passing on the other side of  the centre median. I pulled a rather illegal U-turn to follow it, and tracked it down to a parking lot. There, I discovered that it was for sale. Roughly a week later, it was mine. I’m always a little afraid to see another one of these Grand Nationals. I fear that if I ever were in a spot with a bit of extra cash, and I stumbled across a GNX for sale, I would buy it on the spot, with any other priorities being instantly swept aside. Even a regular Grand National would make it pretty tough for me to say no. Luckily for me, this little beauty did not have a For Sale sign on it. Oh, and I don’t have any money. So that’s that problem solved! Thank goodness!

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