V.I.S.I.T: Citroen Deux Chevaux

So today this olelongrooffan was returning from TheKenMan’s pad where I picked up my pass for the AuctionsAmerica Auction next weekend over in Fort Lauderdale. As I was cruising down Airport Road here in FantasyLand, I squinted my eyes to take in a rarely seen shape in the next lane over just up a ways. Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan grabbed my new Bradley Brownell recommended Canon image taker, slowed my longerroof down a tad bit and grabbed a few images of it out the front windscreen.

Yeah, my fellow Hoons, it was a Citroen 2CV or Deux Chevaux right there in plain sight. As I passed by I noted the pilot was an older woman and she had a grin from ear to ear when she spotted this olelongrooffan showing her a “thumbs up” as I passed on by. Citroen made these things from 1948-1989 in France and many other locations around the world during that timeframe, ending production in Portugal in 1990. I’m not certain what the exact year of this beauty is as, like Volkswagen with their Type I, other than minor details, the body remained nearly unchanged for the 2CV’s entire run.
The last one I had seen one was at the REV’s Museum last fall and the last time this olelongrooffan has seen one out in the wild was so long ago that I can’t even remember that time. But I sure enjoyed this spotting made even better with the sight of that driver’s pure enjoyment at driving this rare old machine.
More on the 2CV here and check out this race.
Til the next time, remember to Celebrate Life.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

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  1. mdharrell Avatar

    New York plates in Florida, too. Bonus points to the driver for that; it’s a good thing the car has a luggage rack.

  2. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
    Tamerlane’s Thoughts

    Here is a 2CV I spotted recently.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Conservatoire Citroën, I presume?

      1. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
        Tamerlane’s Thoughts

        Oui. Working on a post for Hooniverse.

        1. nanoop Avatar

          Looking forward to that, but spotting a Sahara in actual traffic would be the rainbow vomiting unicorn for me…

    2. stigshift Avatar

      Tampa Bay Auto Museum, perhaps. They have one, I know. Can’t remember the color though…

  3. Vavon Avatar

    Celebrate Life!!!

  4. dimpl08 Avatar

    Last 2 digits of old (black) french numberplates indicate the province.
    76 is Département Seine-Maritime (aka Normandy).

  5. Vairship Avatar

    You should have pulled her over and started one of your famous conversations with her. You never know what might have grown out of that, and dating a “lovin’ doctor lady” (if I interpret her license plate correctly) who drives a 2CV wouldn’t be all bad for you…

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    Watched Wheeler Dealers couple of days ago on TV and they had 2CV episode, fifties’ corrugated hood version bought in France and sold for a nice profit (fake as reality TV is it looked really good after Ed’s efforts). Ep. is on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCvSbcTNGTc