V.I.S.I.T.: Bimmeramino!

Looks like a girl driving it too. Here's hoping Tanshanomi got her number.
Looks like a girl driving it too. Here's hoping Tanshanomi got her number.

Our most excellent commenter Tanshanomi sent in these photos of what I believe to be an E30 3-series converted to a Ute. While we still don’t understand why it wasn’t sold like this in the first place, we will begrudgingly admit that perhaps this particular model isn’t the absolute best choice for a Ute we’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s the conversion, but something about the lines just doesn’t quite work.
Having said that: am I the only one finding it tricky to tell the exact model? I admit, I’m not a big BMW fan, so I don’t have the requisite level of obsession, but in this era, the 3- and 5-series looked so much alike, and were so close in size, that the Utification has thrown me off a bit.
Also: What’s the correct term for a BMW Ute? BMW has never really had any affiliation with GM, Ford or that other one, so it’s not strictly appropriate to call it either a Bimmeramino, Bimmerallero, Bimmerchero or Bimmerpage. I think we need a name for these, in case we encounter any more, but I have no ideas.
Maybe I just need more coffee.
Okay, it does look somewhat better from this angle.
Okay, it does look somewhat better from this angle.

Aha! We've got her number! It's D3323-A! Somehow, I don't feel that this has helped us in any way.
Aha! We've got her number! It's D3323-A! Somehow, I don't feel that this has helped us in any way.

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  1. Maymar Avatar

    I'm almost completely certain that's an E30 – the E34 always had integrated bumpers (as far as I can tell) and wider nostrils.
    I think the problem with this is the flying buttresses – they don't quite work in this context. I've seen an M3amino though that worked better
    <img src="http://www.kwyjibo.com/ispeed/mday98/mday000.jpg&quot; /img>

    1. zaddikim Avatar

      Kinda looks like an unfortunate union of a 3-series and a Honda Del Sol.

    2. franchitti27 Avatar

      E30 without a doubt.

  2. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    This used to run in the Kraftsmein Truck Series…
    (thank you… good night!)

  3. Tanshanomi Avatar

    If you really want "her" number, it's (816) 363-6000 [Star Motors is a used M-B dealer in south Kansas City] …but I don't recall that being a woman driving it. It may just be wishful thinking on your part, like sailors thinking seals were mermaids because they were so — well, we all know what sailors were.
    I have no idea if this is still their parts runner; these photos were taken almost two years ago, and it was pretty rusty and disheveled back then.

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      What are you talking about? I'm not a sailor!

  4. Tanshanomi Avatar


    1. Deartháir Avatar

      I like it!

    2. engineerd Avatar

      That is the winner, I would surmise.

    3. FЯeeMan Avatar

      Nicely done. I'll add another voice to the winner chorus.
      Just be glad that in the Hooniverse, no one can hear me sing!

    4. Benito Avatar

      Yes, this.
      And I want one. A lot.

  5. LTDScott Avatar

    It's impossible to tell exactly what E30 model it is without looking under the hood.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      84-88 had the big chrome bumpers
      89-91 got the smaller body colored plastic bumpers
      anything between those two, check the tag on the driver's door frame.

      1. LTDScott Avatar

        That only applies to coupes/sedans. And 1988 only had the newer tail-lights but diving board bumpers.
        What I really meant is that you can't tell if it's a 318i/325e/325i without looking at the tach or under the hood.

  6. engineerd Avatar

    This combines two passions of mine. Throw some bacon in the bed and boobies in the front seat and I could die a happy man.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Oh, and BMW bought the Rover Group which, at the time, included Land Rover. Land Rover was then sold to Ford. Therefore, Bimmerchero would be appropriate in a tenuous sort of way.

      1. P161911 Avatar

        Another way to get to Bimmerchero would be:
        BMW started in the car biz. by building licensed copies of the Austin 7, the Dixie.
        Austin got rolled into BMC.
        BMC merged with Jaguar and for later Ford bought Jaguar.

        1. Tanshanomi Avatar

          This is like Hemming's Six Degrees. Six Degrees of Uteaminocheropage!

      2. Deartháir Avatar

        Through two completely different and unrelated lines of logic, we've decided on either Bimmerchero or BM-doubleUte. I'm partial towards the latter, but while it rolls off the tongue nicely, it doesn't type so well.

        1. Balestra Avatar

          regarding BMdoubleute, though, wath if it was BMUUte? It doel look clores to the original BMdoubleute. Like it better that Bimmerchero

  7. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    I think I'd still rather have an E30 estate. This is gorgeous, though… sniff…

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Right On!! That and that yellow M3 would fit right in with my 88 325ic ragtop!!

  8. Tomsk Avatar

    Halten mein Bier und paßen Sie dieses!

  9. Melissa Bean Avatar

    This is the reason I keep returning to this place. I can’t believe how much I missed since I was here last!