V.I.S.I.T. – 1996 Renault Mégane Coupé


Chiquita, the banana company, advertise their products as “The Bright Spot in Every Day”. The same can be said of this very yellow Renault Mégane Coupé, that is one of the cars using yellow as a signature colour. When the Mégane lineup was launched in the mid-1990s, a handsome amount of the cars were eye-searingly yellow. The colour suits the car nicely, and it is one of my ’90s design favourites.

All front overhang and the rear wheels in the rear corners, it’s a funny-looking car. Take a look.


This fruit is a little past its sell-by date, as the corners have browned a bit. You shouldn’t salt fruit, you know. The fat wheels have corroded badly, too, and lost their lacquer.

The B-pillar-incorporating door design is a design centrepiece just as much as the pert rear is.


Even if it’s obscured by snow, an interesting thing about the rear is that the car’s not a hatchback. The rear screen doesn’t lift with the trunklid, but the trunk is instead accessed via the tiniest openings after the original Mini.

The Mégane’s platform was little more than a direct continuation of the preceding R19, and the line-up matched the R19 with the availability of a convertible, a four-door saloon and a 5-door hatch as well, confusingly also called the “Coupé”. The 19 never got a wagon, though, unlike the Mégane.


The 99-horsepower 1.6-litre Mégane never set anyone’s pants on fire, but it’s a nice little trinket amongst non-yellow cars. Since they generally have kept their value just like all the other mid-to-late 1990s French cars, they are affordable beaters.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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13 responses to “V.I.S.I.T. – 1996 Renault Mégane Coupé”

  1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

    What car are the doors from? : ) Looks great in this color though, wish we had these over here as I always liked this generation of the the Megane. (I say that about every french car)

  2. quijoteMike Avatar

    The newest version is an amazing driver's car. I drive one and leave the Porsche in the garage.
    Again available in yellow
    <img src="http://www.le-cahier-auto.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/2010-renault-megane-rs-renaultsport_71.jpg&quot; width="700">

    1. k1llallh1pp1es Avatar

      Properly filled out as the RSs are, they are perfect, but the lesser models let everything down. I think they look ungainly. Personal opinion.

    2. Tsuku Avatar

      Agreed, I love mine too (even though it isn't yellow), but I think you got the wrong Porsche if that's the case. 🙂

      1. MAC Avatar


        1. k1llallh1pp1es Avatar

          Classic wheels, nice!

  3. Tomsk Avatar

    Can't say I'm totally sold on the styling, but I do like the Kit Car version used in the WRC's junior class (and various national and regional series).
    <img src="http://cdn.wemotor.my/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/renault-megane-maxi-rac-rally-1996-full-graphics-kit-e1338969473564.jpg"&gt;

  4. Savant_Idiot Avatar

    Funny-looking Renault is redundant.

  5. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I think almost every one of these I've seen has been yellow, though it could be that in other colours they're so nondescript I've not noticed them. Still, I think they've aged well.

  6. Vavon Avatar

    The opening to the trunk was really small indeed, as was the space in it apparanty…
    <img src="http://tooteetof.free.fr/forumauto/coffre.jpg"&gt;

  7. RobbyDeGraff Avatar

    The newest version looks like French Hyundai Veloster!