Utah Auto Expo: Move along people, nothing to see here

While other well known automotive bloggers were busy reporting actual auto shows, this guy was lurking around a lesser-known, beginner auto show.  The Utah Auto Expo comes to Salt Lake City about this time every year to allow the big Auto Manufacturers to showcase their latest-and-greatest stuff available to the general public.  Yep, pretty much everything I saw there with the exception of a few vehicles, was probably available for viewing in the parking lot, free-of-charge.  There were a couple notable exceptions, and apologies for the less-than-good photos from my Blackberry as I left my actual camera at home this morning. Ford seemed to be the clear winner just by their sheer presense.  I got to spend some intimate quality time with a Raptor and a spankin new GT-500 (which are in-fact documented on my other camera) and they had a rather impressive collection of vintage Mustangs to ogle over.  Other notable exceptions included the Bentley display featuring five luxo-barges wearing various shades of performo-cladding, an R8 complete with gratuitous up-bonnett shot, and a pants-tenting Ferrari display.  What you will see below really needs no explanation and was worth the $6 entry fee alone.  Enjoy! Should I happen to remember my camera in the morning you can expect a bigger/better part deux tomorrow.  Cheers!

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