Überbird Rising

Biep Biep!

With two weekends remaining before the 24 Hours of Lemons Thunderhill Arse-Freeze-a-palooza (November 20-22), we figured it was time to get our collective ass in gear and make some progress on the car.
But what’s all this Überbird nonsense? The Plymouth Superbird (and sister Dodge Charger Daytona) hit the NASCAR scene in a big way in ’69 and ’70. Alas, coverage of the Good Ole Boys racing league was wont to reach Germany until years later. 12 years later, upon seeing the pure awesomeness that was The King’s racing rig, a goofy group of Deutschlanders has decided to follow suit.
Equipped with our own version of a super-coupe, Team Überbird will be hitting the only racing league that’ll let them on-track with an aero-enhanced Rennkuckuck Überbird. With The Kaiser at the helm, there’s no way we can fail!
This past weekend may well have set a record for work done on a car by 4 marginally qualified individuals. Along with a handful of items that are top-secret, we chopped (literally) about 3″ of ride-height out of the springs, replaced the (infamous) guibo joint, got junkyard auxiliary fans wired up for both the radiator and the AC condenser-turned tranny cooler, brought the wipers back to life, built a switch panel and last but not least applied (via roller) a bitchin’ coat of Petty Blue knockoff house paint (the paint looks awesome at a distance and like post-birthday-party child vomit up close). The roof’s not done yet because the sunroof needs to be patched and some guy forgot to refill his CO2/Ar tank on Saturday.
Gone is the lifted-truck-cornering-on-the-door-handles stance we had at Buttonwillow, replaced with much more precise German/Moonshine runnin’ handling.
Coming soon: numbers, rear wing and nosecone to end all nosecones!
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  1. SeanKHotay Avatar

    Rennkuckuck geht “Rennen-Gluck-Gluck”

  2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    needs that Superbird nose, quick get the cardboard!

    1. jeremy! Avatar

      better, its going to have sheet metal

  3. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    I've been looking at this every so often, staring speechless, for hours.
    And now I'm imagining a deep, bassy version of the Road Runner's horn.

    1. _Tomsk_ Avatar

      I was thinking "Flight of the Valkyries" in Road Runner's voice.
      Meep meep meep meep meeeeeep meep
      Meep meep meep meep meeeeeep meep
      Meep meep meep meep meeeeeeeeeeeeep meep
      Meep meep meep meep…

  4. engineerd Avatar

    Great, now somebody with a Mercedes is going to do a Dale Earnhardt theme.
    Nice job, guys! Good luck at Thunderhill!

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