Two WTFaminos and Two Wagons for a Tuesday Afernoon

We love classic wagons here, but unfortunately searching for wagons brings things that used to be wagons. Like a bad disease, we can’t help but pass these along to you, our friends. We’ll make it up to you with a soothing balm for your seared retinas at the end.   Bad news first: this poor Corvair Lakewood wagon had its midsection and rear roof removed to make for a tiny bob-tail pickup truck. From the three mediocre pictures, the bodywork actually doesn’t look too bad. Apparently it’s been in the seller’s family for three generations. With not a lot of car to move around and a four speed manual hung off the pancake six, it’s probably decently peppy. Surely the handling wasn’t affected by shortening the wheelbase to that of a CJ2A. You’ve gotta really love stubby rear-engined trucks or really dislike money, because the seller’s asking $4500 for it. Next up, a Suburban pickup. “You idiot, a Suburban pickup is just a Chevy pickup!” Not so. We’re talking aout a 1956 Plymouth Suburban wagon that’s been ‘amino-ed (or is that “-paged” for a Mopar?) into a pickup truck. As an aside, the Chevy Suburban already existed in 1956, so how did Plymouth get away with that name? Anyway, we’ve got what looks like an early LA (or poly?) V8, a 3 on the tree, some unfortunate interior modernization and a decently executed chop. This one’s another “in the family” job, courtesy of the seller’s father. While $4500 for the Corvair seemed steep, for some reason $6,000 for this doesn’t seem quite as crazy. Onto the good stuff: this 1964 Dodge Polara wagon with a 440ci V8. The seller claims it’s rust free, but cars with that much surface “patina” tend to need at least a little patch here or there. The engine “turns over but doesn’t run”, which could mean anything from certain rebuild to some carb and timing fiddling. $3500 is still more than I’d like to pay (given that I sold my running Country Sedan for $500 less…not that I’m bitter), but the upside is pretty high on this one. Lastly, I’m posting this 1966 Fury Wagon so it sells before I rationalize buying it. $3550 with a running 440. It’s got a few minor cosmetic issues, but has the makings of a perfect driveable project that’d make a great draggin’ wagon or tow vehicle (or both!). The cosmetics are pretty damn rough, and it’s got a more of a late-60s plastic/vinyl interior than an early-60s metal one, but there’s no denying the potential the platform has. $3550 on SF Craigslist.

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