Two Wheel Tuesday: Victory asks to Judge its Hard-Ball

Victory takes another swing at the mid-range market by revealing two new motorcycles in January. The new duo is giving its customers the choice between a Stealth Fighter, the Hard-Ball, and the Pontiac GTO Judge, appropriately named Judge.

[Source and Images: Polaris Industries]


Victory Judge:


Victory want’s to evoke the classic Pontiac GTO using the wheel design and the orange paint. Offering up the muscle bike look with the 106ci (1731cc) corporate air cooled V-Twin to back it up. With drag handle bars and forward controls the bike leans you forward, this bike isn’t designed for the long trips. The Judge customer is a person who will use it as a commuter or as a way to get out of the house, for that it should work very well. Prices start at $13,999.

Victory Hard-Ball:


Victory’s main customer is the same as their competition’s Harley Davidson. Someone who appreciates American design and who is willing to cough up a few extras bucks for this right. Polaris has done a good job helping to keep the look of their motorcycles different from the Motor Companies. Whether that’s the art deco look of the Victory Vision or the stealth look of the new Hard-Ball.  This Victory adds factory mini apebars to the cruiser look along with the good use of matte black paint.  The Hard-Ball starts at $13,499.

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