Two Wheel Tuesday: The Motorcycles of 2012 Greenwich Concours

I don’t know much about motorcycles: engine, two wheels. That’s it really. And I want to ride the BMW R1200GS around the world. The fact that I failed the writing portion of the motorcycle driver’s license test doesn’t help. In my defense they were asking how much I can drink and what time would I have to be home if I was sixteen, had a permit, and had three friends in the car. WTF? Out of the 25 questions maybe four were related to motorcycles and riding. 

Anyway, it’s two-wheel-Tuesday. I figured you may enjoy some motorcycles from the 2012 Greenwich Concours. There was maybe a dozen at the show, both Euro and Asian brands, of various vintages. In the parking there was maybe half a dozen bikes of equally mixed origins. Enjoy.

  All images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Kamil Kaluski

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