Two Wheel Tuesday: Project Hoonda MB5 Update

In case you had not heard, or you have suffered the misfortune of being in a coma for the first month of this year, Project Hoonda MB5 is our extremely ambitious project with the aim of going 100 miles per hour on an 82 Honda MB5.  Crazy?  We’ll find out soon enough.

This is the second installment of the project, and this is where the work starts.  Since the bike is extremely simple, and because it will eventually be headed down a 3 mile airport runway at a rate of speed much higher than it was designed to, we decided it would be prudent to give the 30 year old bike a thorough going over.  This week, I was given a few minutes of free time to pull out my fine-toothed comb, and took advantage of the opportunity.

Earlier this weekend, as there was a moderately nice day here in North-East Ohio, I took the bike out for one last ride before I began ripping it apart limb-from-limb.  This time, I managed to get…perhaps halfway.  To the best of my recollection, to get to this point took all of four tools (yeah, this thing is simple).  Look for more destruction and dismemberment next week!  I’m already looking forward to it’s new shape and look.  It’s first outing will likely be at the Detroit Thunderdrome, so I’d better get cracking, spring is fast approaching!


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