Two Wheel Tuesday: LEGO Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

I can’t possibly be the only LEGO maniac around here. While I took a break for a period of about twenty years I am now back with a… well, not with a vengeance, but with two little assistants. In that period of about twenty years, while I was chasing women cars, an interesting new phenomena developed called… the internet. Perhaps you heard of it? 

It turns out that kids these days build stuff out of LEGO that my twelve year old did not even think was possible. Then, they share it on this internet thing and attempt to out build each other. I’m not sure if they modify the LEGO parts but they do paint and chrome them giving the final product a more life-like feel.

In my defense all of my creations were G.I.Joe-scaled, and were designed to be blown up thrown down the stairs played with, whereas things such as this Harley are more like museum pieces. 

[Source: mocpages]

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