Two-Wheel Tuesday: Japan's "super-scary-transforming-towing-motorcycle"

My good friend Sam, an international traveler, and owner of a classic dark green Volvo P1800, passed an email on to me with these photos of a few strange looking Honda Goldwings in Japan. 

As an owner of a classic Honda motorcycle, I always enjoy hearing stories and seeing pictures of unique bikes. This Goldwing takes the word…(well, lets use a more descriptive appropriate adjective that fits this thing)….transforms the word ‘unique’ into a whole new meaning. You are looking at that picture correct! Yes there is a full-size, deployable tow-dolly that unfolds from the back of the Goldwing’s crazy rear housing. Think the Hona won’t be able to tow away your ride? Well remember, most modern day Goldwings are powered by 1832cc six-cylinder engine. 

(Photos source:

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